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We use cell phones and the Internet to communicate with each other on a regular basis.  It is important to remember that what you say, do, text, tweet, post or email to other people tells about the kind of person you are.  That means you need to be careful what you say on do through technology. How you act online and through cell phones is the same as when you talk with someone in person.  Information you share through technology can sometimes turn on you.  Things you think are private can get passed around whether or not you want it to be.  It is important to keep yourself safe from people who might hurt you online. 

Decide today that you won't be a victim!  Check out A Teen's Guide To Safety Planning from the a project of Break the Cycle & empower yourself.


Sexting is sending naked pictures of yourself or sexy messages to others through technology. There are some negative results of sexting.

Think Before Hitting Send

Think before you send nude pictures or sexual messages to others. Sending sexual pictures or messages can have long term negative effects.

Textual Relations

Texting, IMing, and chatting are all fun, but dont let it take over your life. Learn how to take control of your technology.

Tips for Socializing Online

Many more people can see your information than you think, including your parents, teachers, future employers, the police and even strangers, some of whom might be dangerous. Here are some tips to keep you safe online.