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You have the power to keep yourself and others safe from sexually transmitted infections (STI). STI's are a virus, bacteria, parasite or fungus spread through all types of sexual contact.  It is common for a person with a sexually transmitted infection to have no outward signs that they are infected. This means they could pass it on to others without even knowing. 

Get Tested


Get tested and wear a condom every time you have sex. Go to our Find a Clinic page to get information on local, free, and confidential clinics and to find out where to get free condoms in Milwaukee. Also make sure to check out our friends at 414ALL


Sexually transmitted disease (STD) and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) are two different ways to say the same thing. The term STI is broader and more encompassing because some infections are curable and may not cause any symptoms. If the infection results in altering the typical function of the body, it is then called a disease.

Types of STIs

Could I Have an STI?

STIs are spread through all types of sex including oral (i.e. giving or receiving head, blow job), anal, and vaginal sex. STIs can also be spread by sharing needles used for drugs, medications or self-tattooing. Some STIs can spread even with condom use. 

Common symptoms


Testing for STIs

STI tests are quick and easy and many times a person will know their results before they even leave the clinic.


What to expect during an STI test


Preventing STIs

All STIs are preventable.

Learn how to prevent STIs