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Parents Can Make a Difference!   

As a parent or guardian you have one of the most influential roles in your child’s life.  We know that talking about sex with your child sounds awkward and strange, but your decision to do so will greatly help your child make healthy decisions about sex and relationships later in life.  Positive communication between parents and their children has been shown to help young people establish their own values and make future healthy decisions.

Research has shown that youth want information about sex from their parents more than any other source.  The information listed in this section will help you be an approachable parent and will help you talk with your child about the topics such as puberty, sexual intimacy, and relationships.


Top 10 Parent Tips

1)  Start talking before they ask questions.

2)  Share your thoughts & values.  Express that loving relationships are the best part of intimacy.

3)  Start early.

4)  Reassure your kids that they can talk to you about anything.  Then you have to be open so they aren’t afraid to tell you something later.

5)  Listen.

6)  Coach them on how to get out of risky situations & let them know you’d rather them ask for help than not ask because they think you’ll be mad.

7)  Use teachable moments to start a conversation.

8)  Be an example.

9)  Stay involved, even through their “I’m too cool for family” stage.

10)  Find an adult that you trust to talk to your teenager if they are too uncomfortable to talk to you.