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Are you worried that you are being hurtful towards your partner or someone you love?  Abuse is not a normal part of a relationship even if it only happens a little bit.


Signs that you might be abusive

  • Call your partner negative names
  • Text or call them excessively and get upset when they don’t respond
  • Monitor their email or profile on social media like Facebook or Instagram
  • Feel you have a right or need to know where they are most of the time
  • Get jealous or angry when they spend time with friends or family
  • Control their clothes or style of dress
  • Get in their face during a disagreement
  • Push, slap, or punch them for any reason
  • Restrain them to keep them from leaving during an argument
  • Guilt or force them into having sex
  • Threaten to hurt them or yourself if your relationship ever ends

If you do any of the above actions you may be creating an unhealthy relationship or even abusing your partner.  The resources below will give you help that does not judge you or accuse you of being a bad person.  We realize that abuse can go back and forth between relationships.  Both partners may be abusive or be abused at different times in a relationship.  We are less concerned with blaming people and more concerned with ending the violence.

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In Milwaukee

The Alma Center Offers training for men who have been violent towards their partners.  They beleive strongly that violence is a learned behavior and that violence can be changed.  Click below for more information on classes.

Alma Center



Love is Respect hotline offers non judgmental advise for those who have been abused and those who have been abusive.




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