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Technology is pretty darn amazing.  You can connect with friends and family in the blink of an eye by calling, texting, or chatting.  You can also listen to music, watch videos and surf the web. 

But sometimes technology can be annoying.  When your cell phone is constantly ringing, you can never get a moment to yourself.  Sometimes people you know may constantly keep texting you or messaging you so much that is becomes annoying.  It can also be really hard to deal with if it's your partner who is sending all the texts or phone calls.  It is important to take control of technology and not let it take over you.

Below are some great websites to learn how to not let technology take over your life.

 Learn about all things textual.  Get the 411 on texting & relationships, including healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to deal with harassment and how to cope with stress.  Play a variety of games & activities.  Test your texting knowledge, find out how to use this great technology safely & learn what to do when someone crosses the line.

It’s not cool to be disrespected through texting, IMing, or over the Internet.  Watch videos, play games, and voice your opinion about talking online.  You can also download some awesome call out cards.