Baby Can Wait has been created for you.  We know you want straightforward answers to questions about your body, sex, and relationships but don't always know where to go to ask.

We highly recommend you talk to your parents, guardians, or trusted adults.  But, if you're not comfortable with that, this site is here to give you some answers to your questions.  Pregnancy is a big deal, don't let anybody tell you it's not.  So, check out this website to find out more about body development, the locations of health care providers, or straight up learn more about sex and how it can affect your life.


October is Let's Talk Month!

For the 9th straight October, Baby Can Wait is celebrating Let's Talk Month as part of a national effort to help parents understand how important it is for them to talk to their children about sexuality. Parents should be the main sexuality educators of their children, and children want to talk to their parents about sexual health, but don't want to bring it up themselves. Don't know where to start? Check out these simple conversation starters and order a Family Communication Toolkit using the links below or visit the For Parents Tab for more information.

Simple Conversation Starters

• Do any of the young people in your school date? Is that what it’s even called anymore? Dating?

• I heard this word the other day–INSERT WORD–what does that word mean to you?

• Are any of your friends in relationships yet? Tell me more about that.

[Hearing something on tv, music or overheard conversation]

• How did seeing/hearing that make you feel?

• What do you think about that?

• Do you know what that means?

• Why do you think they are doing that?

• Do you know that this is inappropriate and why?

• Have you ever seen this happen to someone?

• How did it make you feel?


Request a "Let's Talk Month" Toolkit



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