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May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

The month of May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention month, which strives to bring awareness to the successes and continuing issues facing the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative across the United States. Between 2013 and 2014 the teen birth rate decreased by 9% and has gone down 61% since the peak in 1991. The city of Milwaukee has seen similar results with 7 straight years of decline in the teen birthrate and 23.7% of girls 15 to 17 years old giving birth in 2014. Specifically, the African American teen birthrate continued to decrease (30.8% to 27%), while the birthrate rose slightly for both white (3.5% to 9.2%) and Latina (23.9% to 25.5%) teens. Research has shown that key aspects of pregnancy prevention include contraceptive access and sex education. However, while the majority of those statistics provide good news, approximately 30% of young women in the United States will become pregnant before the age of 20 and an estimated 750,000 teenagers will become pregnant this year. Test your pregnancy prevention knowledge here, in this fun and interactive quiz by!  


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