Your body is your own. Learn about your body and the different issues you might have to deal with that affect your life. Go from confused to confident. 


Learn about the physical and emotional changes you will go through as your body develops.

Drugs & Alcohol

Sometimes the decision to drink alcohol or use drugs can also involve a decision about sex. Learn why some people use drugs or alcohol, how they can affect your life, and become more informed on where to get help.


How does someone get pregnant? How do you stop from getting pregnant? What should boys and girls know about pregnancy?

Free Health Care

You could get free sexual health care for your things like birth control, pregnancy tests, and STD tests. Check and see if the Family Planning Only Services work for you.

STD's / STI's

Getting a disease can cramp your style, but it’s not the end of the world. Learn about different diseases, what the symptoms are like, how to get treated if you get a disease, and how to protect yourself and others

Teen Pregnancy Books

Read all about it! Check out these books about pregnancy to learn more about it all.

Teen Sexual Rights

You have legal rights to your sexual health. Update yourself on your sexual health rights so you can empower yourself and others.

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