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Effectiveness: 85-98%

A sheath or pouch worn on the shaft of the penis during oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. Male condoms are made of latex, polyurethane, polyisoprine or animal skin. They work by collecting semen so it is not released into their partner’s body. Thus; sperm do not come in contact with an egg. They work to protect against STIs by providing a barrier.

Availability: Over the counter, no prescription needed. or has a listing of locations that offer free condoms.
Cause of Failures:
  • Not using condoms at every intercourse
  • Using oil based lubricants with latex
  • condoms (oil based lubricants break
  • down latex and may cause the condom
  • to break)
  • Not using the condom correctly
  • Not enough lubricant
  • Too much lubricant can cause the condom to slip off
STI Prevention:
  • Those used for disease prevention must be made of either latex, polyurethane or polyisoprine.
  • Offers the best protection against STD/STI/HIV, but not 100%
  • Do not offer any protection against STIs that are spread through skin to skin contact, such as crabs.
  • Those made from animal skin do not protect from infection.

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