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Effectiveness: 99.8%

A t-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Mirena, and Klyeena Intrauterine Systems prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years using low doses of progestin hormone. Skyla and Lilitta IUDs are recommended for three years. Klyeena and Skyla are smaller than Mirena and have less hormones. IUD's work by interfering with the motility (or movement) of the sperm and egg and inhibiting ovulation. It is long acting and at any time the user is ready to get pregnant pregnancy can happen shortly after removal.


Availability: Prescription only (Inserted at doctors office or clinic)

Cause of Failures: IUD/IUC may come out and the user may not notice

STI Prevention: None

Note: The uterus may be damaged during insertion.

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