Teen Pregnancy Books


A Guide for Teenage Parents- Teresa Watson            

-Book is designed to help teenage parents make decisions and organize their lives for becoming parents. Helps to create a life plan to include the additional responsibility of having a child. This book also helps to enhance skills necessary for teenage parents to reduce the drop out rate of school (Amazon.com). 

Your Baby’s First Year: A Guide for Teenage Parents- Jeanne Warren Lindsay            

-(Grade 7 and up) Combination of child-development information, child-raising theories and practical advice for young mothers. Topics covered include recovering after birth, feeding, medical visits, home safety, playing, child care and discipline. Also includes a chapter for teen fathers, which outlines their financial, emotional and physical responsibilities to the mother and child. Offers supportive and non-judgmental information (School Library Journal).

Your Pregnancy and Newborn Journey: A Guide for Pregnant Teens- Jeanne Warren Lindsay

-(Grade 7 and up) A combination of medical information and personal accounts. Written to teenagers by two experienced health educators, the book serves as a guide to the physical and emotional realities of pregnancy and parenthood. Topics covered include testing, fetal development, nutrition, adoption, labor and newborn parenting. Each chapter ends with a suggestion for further reading (School Library Journal).

Life Interrupted: The Scoop on Being a Young Mom- Tricia Goyer

-Many young moms between 14 and 22 face the unique challenges of juggling school and single parenthood. This book offers hope and help with practical ways to create a better life for herself and her child (Amazon.com)

The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom- Katherine Arnoldi

-Different sort of teenage parenting book. Black-and-white cartoon panels feature a mostly cheerful account of Katherine Arnoldi’s recount of the birth of her daughter and the years following. The book speaks to teens in similar situations and includes practical tips including hot lines and college guidance (School Library Journal).


Mom, Dad…I’m Pregnant: When Your Daughter or Son Faces Unplanned Pregnancy- Jayne E. Schooler                        

-Offers comfort and advice for parents and families of unwed mothers and fathers (Amazon.com).

How to Survive Your Teen’s Pregnancy: Practical Advice for the Parents of a Pregnant Christian- Linda Ellen Perry and Lynellen D.S. Perry            

A resource for parents and their daughter to help them face the problems of a teenage pregnancy with Scripture and spiritual advice. (Eagle forum News and Notes)

Books, Babies and School-Age Parents: How to Teach Pregnant Teens to Succeed- Jeanne Warren Lindsay            

-Educators, school administrators and others interested in providing or improving school services to pregnant teens and teen pregnant will find this handbook helpful. Topics include teen parent’s right to an education, their special education needs, curriculum design, staffing and program evaluation. Provides resources guides and a list of organizations concerned with teen pregnancy.  (Source: Amazon.com)