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Male/Wearable Condon

A thin latext (rubber) sheath that slips over an erect penis and keeps sperm from entering the vagina, mouth, or anus during ejaculation.    Condoms come in various sizes, colors and even flavors, but they all prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of HIV and many STIs.

Common nicknames for condoms are rubber, jimmy, raincoat, or glove.

Female/ Insertable Condoms

The female condom (also called 'insertable' condom) gives women a birth control option that protects against the risk of both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI).


  • Allows for women to have more choice about sexual protection
  • Safe to use with people who are allergic to rubber latex
  • Can be inserted before sexual intercourse, allowing for sexual spontaneity 
  • Highly lubricated and the material warms to body temperature so sex feels natural
  • The inner ring can be removed and it can also be used for anal sex with men or women


  • More expensive than male condoms
  • Can make some noise during sex (easily solved with more lubricant though)
  • Care needs to be taken so penis does not miss the condom and go in between vaginal wall and condom

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The Basics Steps to Put on a Condom

Condom Basics


What if the Condom Breaks?

Condoms are very strong and rarely break, but if it happens during intercourse (vaginal sex), pull out quickly and replace it with a new condom.

If ejaculation has occurred, wash the seamen away from the vaginal opening and from the penis with soap and water.  Seamen may leak into the vagina and cause pregnancy, so emergency contraception (EC, the morning after pill) may be an option.

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Other Condom Uses

 • Cut it down the center lengthwise, open it up, and use it as a dental dam for cunnilingus (oral sex on a female) or analingus (for either men or women).
• Roll one over your forearm to amaze yourself with how much will fit into one.
• Use it to cover shared sex toys which cannot be boiled.
• Put a couple fingers into them for manual sex when you're out of gloves or finger cots.
• Blow them up for parties where you've run out of balloons


The Longer Directions

First off use a condom only once!  Use a fresh one with each erection ("hard-on").  Have a good supply on hand.

1) Check the expiration date.  It’s located on the back of the package.  If it is torn, brittle, stiff or sticky, throw it away & use another.  Long exposure to air, heat, and light makes them more likely to break.  Store them in a cool, dry place, not in a back pocket, wallet or glove compartment for extended periods.
2) Be careful you don't rip the condom when opening the package.  Don't use your teeth or sharp objects, like scissors, to open it up.
3) Put the condom on before the penis touches the vagina, anus or mouth.  Males leak fluids from their penises before (pre-cum) & after ejaculation.   One drop of pre-ejaculate contains 20-40 thousand sperm which can pass an STI & could cause pregnancy.Male Condom
4) Make sure the tip of the condom points through the ring in a way that will let it roll down.  (Pull back the foreskin, unless the penis is circumcised)
5) Put a drop or two of water-based lubricant (such as KY jelly) inside the condom.  Don't use Vaseline, oil, butter, or lotion since these can actually break down the material of the condom making it useless.  Water-based lubricant can be bought at most any drug store or corner store.
6) Place the rolled condom on the head of the penis.
7) Leave a half inch space to collect semen.  Pinch the air out of the tip with one hand.
8) Unroll the condom over the penis with the other hand.
9) Roll the condom down over the tip of the hard penis.
10) Smooth out air bubbles.  Friction against air bubbles can cause condom breaks.  Add water-based lubricant to the outside, if necessary.
11) After ejaculation, pull out before the penis softens.
12) Hold the condom against the base of the penis while pulling out (away from your partner) to prevent semen from spilling.
13) Always throw out condoms after one use.  Flushing a condom down the toilet may clog plumbing.  Instead, wrap it in tissue, tie in a knot or put it in a plastic bag, before throwing them away.  Put the condom in a garbage that is out of reach of children & pets.
14) Wipe any ejaculate off the penis & wash it with soap and water before having sex play again.